We receive letters from State Bar members who have had a loss of income due to an injury or illness.  Following are some of those quotes . . .


“. . . I’ve paid on this policy since the early 70’s.  Never, ever thought I’d need it, but I do – and the Company is paying like clockwork.  No hassles.  No fuss ”. – W.A.

“ . . . There have been no problems and all monthly payments have been received in a timely basis.  Thank you”. – E.S.

“. . . Since my husband is disabled and writes very poorly, I will answer your request myself.  I’m very grateful for the disability check we receive every month.  It enables me to hire a live-in to help care for my husband since my heart attack last year.  You can see purchasing disability insurance was one of the smarter things we did in life.  We are very satisfied.  Thank you”. – A.D.

“Having specialized as an insurance plaintiff attorney for many years, I have certainly learned value of protecting one’s income through disability income insurance”. – T.S.


Although we do not like to think unpleasant thoughts about being injured or ill, we know a disability can strike, usually causing loss of income.  We cannot predict but we can prepare.

Disability can ruin your future.

The State Bar of California sponsored Disability Insurance Plan is designed to protect your most valued asset . . . your income.  In doing so you are provided with peace of mind and security.  If you would like information on any of our plans, please contact us.